Our Presentations

Frame Initiatives offers a range of interactive presentations for student groups, staff and parents. All of our presentations are one period in duration and are accompanied by a follow up lesson plan that can be delivered by teachers. We are able to present to split male and female groups at the same time using two presenters to make for easier scheduling.  


young women

This series equips Young Women with knowledge of safe and respectful relationships and strategies to stay safe for life.


Teenage girls are sometimes pressured to look and act in a certain way to gain the attention of boys and the approval of their friends. These pressures can be stressful, confusing and can take the fun out of growing up. This presentation encourages girls to develop confidence and a strong respect for self. It discusses hot topics like dating, social media and rumours and encourages girls to look out for one another. 


Many girls feel helpless when they are the target of unwanted sexual remarks and advances, and the lasting harm to victims can be devastating. This one hour presentation discusses the nature of sexual harassment and its effects, and suggests a group protection strategy to help girls look out for one another.

BACK OFF: Date Rape STrategy (YRS 10-12)

‘Date Rape’ is the most common form of sexual assault against young women, affecting one third of sexually active teenagers and young adults. This popular one hour presentation offers useful information on consent, advice for avoiding potentially harmful situations and a reliable strategy for self-protection.


young men

How will the men of tomorrow treat the women in their lives? The Men of Respect series challenges boys to rethink social norms and choose respect.


What makes a man? What is true manhood? This presentation encourages boys to define manhood around their character rather than their sexuality. It addresses their developing attitudes toward women and healthy relationships. It encourages them to make the choice to be men of respect, allies for women in society and in relationships. 

Problems with Porn

The unlimited availability of pornography on the internet has contributed to record levels of use, but is it healthy? This presentation explores the way that porn negatively shapes male attitudes toward women and encourages students to rethink porn in order build respectful relationships.


Boys often fail to realise the harm caused to girls by their ‘funny’ sexual remarks and advances. This presentation highlights sexual harassment as an expression of male weakness and is designed to make such behaviour ‘uncool’ in a year group.


‘Date Rape’ is the most common form of sexual assault against young women. This presentation helps boys to understand their legal and social responsibilities regarding consent, and encourages them to consider what it means to be men of respect in their relationships.



Teenagers face many risks when interacting in social environments and online. The Combined series addresses these risks and offers practical tips for looking after self and others. 


Between awkward first dates and embarrassing parent meetings, the world of dating can be tricky to navigate. This presentation removes confusion around the issue of consent and encourages students to develop safe, respectful and positive relationships. 

Lessons for Leavers (Yr 12)

Leavers celebrations are an exciting way to finish school. In partnership with WA Police, this presentation prepares students for safe celebrations and covers alcohol safety, car safety, sexual consent, planning tips and more. 

Alcohol Savvy

Binge drinking is a recognised social problem among teenagers and young adults. It is often cited as a major factor in cases of violent and sexual assault as well as fatal car incidents. This presentation discusses the social pressures and effects of binge drinking and invites students to be alcohol savvy.


We have teamed up with Stuart Wesley from Wesley Counselling to offer a series of presentations designed to encourage and equip parents in their critical parenting role. These presentations can be delivered individually or as a series. 

  • Time: 2 hours (including a break) 
  • Cost: $30pp (minimum 25 people) 

Parents and personalities

This presentation introduces the well-known D.I.S.C model to parents, which provides a framework for understanding personalities. This fun and engaging presentation helps parents to identify their own personality style and the personality style of their child. This knowledge points to common strength and struggles for each relationship in the family, and suggests strategies for building healthy relationships between personalities.

Who's in charge?

Parental authority can sometimes have a ‘do it my way or else’ vibe about it. The question is, “How does a parent stay in charge while positively building the parent-teen relationship?” Many parents feel torn between remaining in charge and dominating the relationship, or giving in to the teen’s wishes to maintain a friendly relationship. There is another way. Parents can become aware of their default parenting style and then choose different approaches with their teen. This presentation equips parents with a parenting style that is honouring for both the parent and teen.

Getting great communication

When parents complain that their child is not listening to them, the focus is usually on how to change the child. This presentation focuses on the communication of the parent, empowering them to transform the communication game. 

the home of peace

While no family will be free of conflict, the ability to have conflict in constructive ways is crucial for growing peacefulness in the home and training children to raise issues that matter deeply to them. Parental reactions to conflict shape how the conflict will play out for good or bad. This presentation looks at the ways in which parents can become more aware of their own triggers and how they feed conflict in the family. It aims to equip parents with a framework for standing their ground on principles and values while maintain stable emotions. 

Responsible kids

Yes! It is possible to have children who take responsibility. But it does not happen on its own. Teens need to be guided toward becoming responsible people. This presentation focuses on building responsibility and obedience. 

What's trending?

It is difficult to stay on top of social and technological trends in our culture. The rate of change is lightning fast. By staying informed of current issues such as social media, sexting, pornography and more, parents can lead constructive conversations with their kids to help them make informed choices and stay safe for life. This presentation aims to help parents to understand the social and technological issues facing their kids and equips them with tools to hold constructive conversations on sensitive issues.


Our What's Trending presentation for staff groups looks at the issues of respect and safety facing today's teenagers and suggests promising strategies for shaping safer communities. It is highly informative and practical and can be tailored to address the trending issues at your school. Suitable for small and large staff groups. 

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