Our Mission

We help to shape safer communities by promoting safe and respectful relationships among senior school student groups. We listen to students, teachers and parents and partner closely with school communities to deliver relevant, practical and memorable presentations.  

Our Schools 

We have been partnering with secondary schools in Perth for over a decade promoting safe and respectful relationships. We partner with leading public, private, Catholic, Christian and boarding schools. If you would like to speak with one of our partner schools for a reference, simply contact us and we can put you in touch. 

We will be offering presentations in Adelaide from 2017. To find out more contact us.


What we communicate

Our message is based on the unique work of Brent Sanders, a leading Australian expert in conflict psychology and protective behaviours (check out his bio below). His work explores the underlying motivations behind harmful behaviour in relationships and suggests proven strategies to stay safe for life. We have adapted this material for use with both male and female student groups, and added some original material to provide a comprehensive range of presentations for school communities. All of our presentations are focused on shaping safer communities by promoting safe and respectful relationships. 

 Click here for more information about our presentations. 

How we communicate

We deliver relevant and engaging presentations with student, staff and parent groups. We make use of multiple learning styles in our sessions and do all we can to make our message stick! We believe presentations are a great investment in the lives of students, providing a strong foundation for lasting social change. Teachers often reflect back to us that it is helpful to have an external presenter come into their school to present on sensitive issues. We also hear that our presentations open the door for future conversations between staff and students about relationships. 

All of our presentations come with a two follow up lesson experiences that can be facilitated by teachers to discuss the topics in smaller groups of students. These are linked with the Australian Curriculum and have been professionally designed for maximum effectiveness. 

On the basis of current evidence, violence prevention and respectful relationships initiatives among young people can make a real difference, producing lasting change in attitudes and behaviours.” (Victorian Department of Education and Training 2009.)

Our Team


Dan McGrechan – Director / presenter

Dan began presenting with Frame in schools in 2013. He is a passionate, well-regarded and experienced youth worker and communicator, having worked closely with students and young adults in a variety of roles since 2009. Dan is married to Erika and together they live in the hills of Perth.  


Michelle wight – Presenter

Michelle began presenting with Frame in schools in 2017. She has worked extensively in the fashion industry and is currently pursuing studies in theology. She presents the Please Like Me presentation with young women, promoting positive self-image and healthy relationships. 


Stuart Wesley – Presenter

Stuart first brought the message of Frame to Perth, presenting in his first school over a decade ago. Stuart continues on the team at Frame presenting our parent series. He brings a wealth of experience to the role as a husband and parent of four grown up children. He is a sensitive and inspiring communicator with a story for every occasion. Outside of Frame, Stuart is a consultant with Oasis People and Culture.


Brent Sanders – Advisor

Brent is the Managing Director of Winning Edge Strategies and has lectured to over 400,000 people since 1991 in the areas of personal protection, conflict psychology and self-motivation. With an extensive background in the police force, combined with a unique understanding of the psychology of conflict, he is without doubt one of Australia's leading authorities in this field. Brent is also the author of the groundbreaking book on conflict psychology, How Dangerous Men Think.

To find out more about Brent and his work, visit www.winningedgestrategies.com.au.